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Phone: 519-238-1080
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Location #30-81 Crescent Grand Bend ON NOM 1T0 Phone: 519-679-2080
Location 55 Main Street East Grand Bend ON N0M 1T0 Phone: 519-238-1701 Website: Website:

The Pinewood

Contact: Glenn & Martha McNeil
Location 9717 Army Camp Rd Lambton Shores ON N0N 1J3 Phone: 519-243-2511 Website:
Location 23 Main Street West Grand Bend Ontario N0M 1T0 Phone: 519-238-5402 Website:

The Swag Guy

Contact: Dave Finley
Location 10245 Woodpark Court Box 1431 Grand Bend Ontario N0M 1T0 Phone: 519-659-5862 x306 Website:
Location 37871 Dashwood Rd. Dashwood ON Phone: 519-237-3255 Website:

Total Septic

Contact: Michael Webb
Location 71230 Bluewater Hwy. Dashwood ON N0M 1N0 Phone: 519-857-5276
Location 1455 Venetian Boulevard Point Edward ON N7T 7W7 Phone: 1-800-265-0316 Website:

Track21 Graphix

Contact: Deb & Mark Darling
Location 69209 Bronson Line Dashwood ON N0M 1N0 Phone: 519-237-3838 or 877-534-7337 Website:
Location Servicing Middlesex, Huron, and Lambton counties Grand Bend ON N0M 1T0 Phone: 519-318-2855 Website:

Turkheim Printing

Contact: Dan Turkheim
Location 53 Main St. Zurich ON N0M 2T0 Phone: 519-236-4306
Location 22 Gill Rd. Grand Bend ON N0M 1T0 Phone: 519-238 2176


UBU Fashions

Contact: Janet Brown
Location 56 Ontario St.N. Grand Bend ON N0M 1T0 Phone: 519-238-8995 Website:

Ultra Sunrooms Inc

Contact: Agnes Quinn-Hiscott
Location 8804 Lakeshore Rd Thedford ON N0M 2N0 Phone: 519-243-2079 Phone: 1-800-860-8411 Website:
Location 32 Erie Street Stratford ON N5A 2M4 Phone: 519-271-7730 Website:


Location Serving Lambton Shores, Bluewater, South Huron & More Zurich ON N0M 2T0 Phone: 519-851-9994 Website: Website:


Location 10133 Lakeshore Rd. Grand Bend ON N0M 1T0 Phone: 519-238-1321 Website:

Willow Homecare

Contact: Landa Coletta
Location 35272 Salem Road Serving Grand Bend, Mt. Carmel, Parkhill, Bayfield, Port Franks, Dashwood, Exeter Parkhill ON NM 2K0 Phone: 519-294-8807 Website:
Location 35957 Bayfield River Rd RR 2 Bayfield ON N0M 1G0 Phone: 519-524-0636 Website: