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Member address, phone and email are used ONLY by us to contact you regarding your account and services with us and should be where we can reach you Year-Round. We do not publish or share or sell this contact information.
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NOTE: if you are registering a cottage with us, we do not accept alpha numeric cheat methods such as AAA Cottages or 1A Cottages. The name registered with us MUST be the name you use to market your cottage - either your website address or facebook page etc.
These general categories correspond to the menu system of If you believe you have a business that does not match any of these categories, let us know in the Message Box below.
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Membership fee is based on the number of full time equivalent employees you have across all businesses you wish to register with us. A full time employee works 35 to 40 hours per week for 52 weeks. To calculate full time equivalency of seasonal or part time staff, add up their total number of hours, divide by 40 and then divide that result by 52. Typically, 12 summer students working full time hours June to end of August add up to only 3 full time equivalent employees. In addition to the Base Membership and Web Marketing Fee, $10 is charged and remitted to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. All pricing is HST extra.

Add On Businesses

Since we base membership fees on the total number of employees across any and all businesses you own or have a partnership in, you can add additional businesses to your membership for only $25+HST for each add-on business. Add-on businesses receive all the same benefits and services as the "primary" businesses.

Logo is automatically included in your listing on, but is considered a listing upgrade on If you wish to have your logo on the tourism website, select "Weblink Plus" upgrade below.
Photo is automatically used on, but is considered a listing upgrade for If you wish to have a photo on both websites, be sure to select the "Weblink Plus" upgrade below.
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On receipt of your Membership Application, we will review the information and contact you if we have any questions or need clarification. We will then issue you an invoice.

PRO-RATED MEMBERSHIPS: If you join us part way through our membership year (November 1 to October 31), we will pro-rate your membership fees, so that you only pay us for the months remaining in the membership year. All membership renew on November 1.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: We accept payment by cash, cheque, credit card using PayPal and Interac e-transfer through the banking system.