Business Awards

Annually, the Grand Bend & Area Chamber of Commerce calls for award nominees and presents the trophy and bragging-rights to the selected recipient at the annual awards dinner – Celebrate the Season – held in November. Go to the 2019 Celebrate the Season Awards results.

Nomination Checklist

  • Send us your nomination by the deadline – this year October 21, 2019.
  • Be sure – and this is VERY IMPORTANT – to tell us why you nominated that business or person. Give us as much detail as possible. You can attach a Word or PDF document to the online form. It is not enough to simply give us a business name!
  • Anyone can make a nomination – resident, cottager, area visitor.
  • For the business awards, any Grand Bend & Area Chamber of Commerce member business OR Lambton Shores located business is eligible.
  • For the citizen awards, anyone living in the area is eligible. For the David Scatcherd Community Spirit Award nominate someone in a volunteer role. For the Phyllis Statchuk Customer Service Excellence Award you can nominate a volunteer or employee.
  • You can nominate the same business or person in more than one category, as long as they meet the award’s criteria.
  • You may be contacted by the Awards Committee for additional information.
  • Award recipients are announced at the Celebrate the Season Business Awards Dinner held in November.


Business of the Year (Company Award)

This award recognizes a company or organization for special accomplishments in one or more areas including:

  • Environmental consciousness,
  • Product research and development,
  • Marketing innovation,
  • Increased sales,
  • Business development/turnaround,
  • Employee relations,
  • Product service/quality.

The business demonstrates good business ethics, excels in customer service and demonstrates good corporate citizenship. The business is a Grand Bend & Area Chamber of Commerce member business OR Lambton Shores located business.


  • Grandpa Jimmy’s Scottish Bakery – Bob & Ruth Hosford (2008)
  • Colonial / Gables – John & Jane Musser, Larry & Judy Mason, Mike & Bonnie McCann (2009)
  • Oakwood Inn, Spa & Golf Resort – The Scatcherd Family (2010)
  • Drayton Festival/Huron Country Playhouse  (2011)
  • Medway Homes – Paul Pittao (2012)
  • Grand Bend Motorplex – Paul Spriet (2013)
  • Track 21 Graphix – Mark &  Deborah Darling (2014)
  • Ellison Travel & Tours – Doug & Cathy Ellison (2015)
  • Hessenland Country Inn – Frank & Liz Ihrig (2016)
  • Twin Pines Orchards & Cider House (2017)
  • The Growling Gator / Willie’s Beach Bar (2018)
  • The White Squirrel Golf Club & Restaurant (2019)

Entrepreneur of the Year (Individual Award)

This award recognizes an individual in the business community who best personifies hard work, dedication, initiative and innovation, and creativity in operating their business. The recipient is recognized for displaying good business ethics, providing superior customer service and demonstrates their commitment to the local community. The entrepreneur runs a business that is a Grand Bend & Area Chamber of Commerce member business OR Lambton Shores located business.


  • Shannon Ryan, Garden Gate Gifts & Florals (2008)
  • Jen Gaukroger, Paddington’s Pub (2009)
  • Milford Purdy, Purdy’s at the Bend (2010)
  • LeeAnn Powers, Aunt Gussie’s Country Dining (2011)
  • Mary-Jo Schotroff-Snopko, Pine Dale Motor Inn (2012)
  • Tina Sandre, Midori Sushi (2013)
  • Jesse Kadlecik, Tri-County Tree Service (2014)
  • Veronica Brennan, Grog’s &  MacPherson’s (2015)
  • Marcia Swain, Pinery Antique Flea Market (2016)
  • Brad Oke, Smackwater Jack’s / Tour the Shore (2017)
  • Laura Rideout and Shannon Shurgold / Culture Shock Kombucha (2018)
  • Troy James Hogg (21019)

David Scatcherd Community Spirit Award (Individual)

This Award is named for local resident, long-time business owner and philanthropist – David Scatcherd of Oakwood Resort.

The Dave Scatcherd Community Spirit Award is presented to a community member who goes beyond their usual role, who is community minded and known for their support, commitment and dedication to making the Grand Bend Area a more vibrant, prosperous and welcoming community. The recipient has a self-less way of making the community a priority and truly believes in community spirit. This award is open to all citizens that truly give back to the community.

The Chamber thanks Dave Scatcherd and the Scatcherd Family for extending the Scatcherd name to this new award. It’s a fitting name for an award that mirrors Dave’s 32 years of commitment to Community Living and other charitable organizations via the David Scatcherd Invitational Golf Tournament which has raised more than $2 million over the years for children with physical and mental challenges.


  • Jim Southcott (2012 – inaugural recipient)
  • Lynda Hillman-Rapley, Lakeshore Advance (2013)
  • Glen Baillie, Baillie’s Picture Framing (2014)
  • Erryn Shephard, F.I.N.E. A Restaurant (2015)
  • Margrit Breuer, Mike & Terri’s No Frills (2016)
  • Joy McClymont (2017)
  • “The Klopp Family” – Judy & Larry Mason, Jane & John Musser, Bonnie & Mike McCann (2018)
  • Mary Alderson (2019)

Phyllis Statchuk Customer Service Excellence Award (Individual)

Awarded to an individual working or volunteering for a business or organization who is known for their dedicated service over a period of years. The recipient’s ability to discover and respond to customer needs in a friendly, genuine and personable way makes a difference to the customer and organization. This award recognizes the citizen who connects with people as a foundation for delivering excellent service.

The Chamber thanks Maurice Statchuk and the Statchuk Family for extending the Statchuk name to this award. Phyllis Statchuk was known for her wonderful sense of humour, commitment to volunteerism and community and for her 10-years of dedicated service with the Chamber of Commerce. Phyllis’ ability to ask the right questions, listen and evaluate a tourist’s needs in a genuinely friendly and personable manner consistently ensured tourists left the Welcome Centre truly looking forward to discovering our community.


  • Fadhil Askar, Mac’s Milk (2014 – inaugural recipient)
  • Mike Stanlake, Municipality of Lambton Shores (2015)
  • Barrie Richman, Huron Art (2016)
  • Dale McCarthy, Hay Communications (2017)
  • Leo Ducharme, Oakwood Resort (2018)
  • Drew Wilson, Widder Station Golf Club (2019)