Letter to South Huron in support of Oakwood Meadows

The purpose of this letter is to declare the Grand Bend & Area Chamber of Commerce’s full support and endorsement of the proposed Oakwood Meadows development. Read More

Huron County has recognized the need for affordable housing to ensure local working families have a place to live. “Affordable housing initiatives
in Huron County are essential for our community’s long-term vitality and vibrancy. It’s our social responsibility to ensure that everyone in our community is cared for and has a place to call home.” Read the 2020 Huron Housing Initiatives Report now

In a presentation to Huron County Council, it was concluded that “based on the decreased number of homes listed and the dramatically increased average
home price, demand for housing outstrips supply. The increase in home prices means that more and more Huron County residents are priced out of the housing market.” Read the Presentation.

The Chamber created an informal housing needs survey which was published on the For Rent-Huron-South Huron-Middlesex-Perth Facebook page for response by their followers. The results were tabulated in a report shared with local stakeholders, including South Huron Mayor & Council. Read the report.

Short Term Rentals

The Chamber shared its position on Short Term Rentals and the proposed Municipal Accommodation Tax to the Municipality of Lambton Shores on April 24, 2019 through a letter to Mayor and Council regarding short term rentals and MAT tax (PDF). Since that time this position document has been shared with a number of stakeholders, including Tourism Sarnia Lambton and MPP Monte McNaughton’s constuency office.

What Kind of Town Do You Want in 10 or 20 Years?

What Kind of Town Do You Want in 10 or 20 Years? is a report capturing the results of a Chamber-hosted round-table meeting held May 27, 2015 at which representatives from local business, service clubs, Kettle & Stony Point First Nation and Lambton Shores councilors and senior staff attended to share their insights to assist Lambton Shores’ strategic planning. The purpose of this proactive approach was to provide Lambton Shores with actionable strategic suggestions from the business community as the Municipality begins its strategic planning process.

Download What Kind of Town Do You Want in 10 or 20 Years? (PDF). Download the accompanying press release sent to local meda.

The documents listed below were referenced as informative to the round-table meeting.

Tourism Services Reports

The Grand Bend & Area Chamber of Commerce provides local Tourism & Visitor Services to the Municipality of Lambton Shores. The Chamber produces an annual report on these activities to Municipal Council and for public review.

Chamber Bylaws

56 Years of Service

Grand Bend & Area Chamber of Commerce is a provincially incorporated not-for-profit corporation. Although the Chamber existed as an organization prior to August 29, 1957 – the date we were granted Membership in the Ontario Chamber of Commerce – we were incorporated in Ontario on October 31, 1975. The signatories to the Articles of Incorporation were George Kadlecik, Peter Haist and Donald Southcott.

Our Bylaws have been updated a few times since they were originally developed, the most recent updates were approved at the 2012 AGM and affected mostly word changes to more clearly identify the Board versus the Executive versus the Officers of the corporation.

Grand-Bend-Area-Chamber-of-Commerce-bylaws-Feb20-2013 (PDF) – updated February 20, 2013 at the 2012 Annual General Meeting.

Other Reports