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GC Financial Solutions Group Inc.

Contact: Katelyn Aitcheson & Kristen Wright Draper
Work 425 Main St. S. Exeter ON N0M 1S1 CanadaPhone: 519-235-2740Cell: 519-235-346Phone: 1-800-355-6082


We are a strongly cohesive team dedicated to helping clients achieve financial success for life. We assist clients in creating comprehensive financial plans, and we provide high quality investment and insurance products. In addition to working with individuals, we help businesses and organizations with their group insurance, group RRSPs, and pensions. We are well-established in the South Western Ontario community, with the roots of our business stretching back to 1952.




We provide Group Benefits for 1-200+ sized groups in the area.  Call us for a free quote for your business today.

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425 Main St. S. Exeter ON N0M 1S1 Canada

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