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Good Vibrations Neurofeedback

Contact: Susan Gillies
Work 79 King Street Thedford Ontario N0M 2N0 CanadaPhone: 519-639-8453


Simply put, Neurofeedback is a technology that trains and exercises the brain to function at a more optimal brain frequency. It does this by providing information to your brain (the feedback part) so your brain can voluntarily control your brainwaves to produce beneficial patterns and inhibit undesirable ones.

Through word of mouth and at the suggestion of many healthcare professionals, Neurofeedback is becoming more popular. It is safe, non-invasive and effective. For many of us stress and other concerns may seem to overwhelm us at times, When the central nervous system becomes more resilient, stable and flexible it is able to deal more effectively with many of the stressors that life presents.

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