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Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center Inc.

Contact: Bob & Mary Wright
Work 70114C Highway 81 (Grand Bend Line) Grand Bend ON NOM 1T0 CanadaPhone: 519-238-8610Phone: 1-800-363-JUMP


After years of telling yourself and others that you’ve “always wanted to try that”, the time has come! The Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center offers classroom instruction, practical training, sky-diving, and parachuting for beginners and experienced clients.

The Team:
Bob Wright started the GBSPC as his full-time business in 1982. He’ll be supervising your training and will be one of the instructors jumping with you on your first skydives at the Grand Bend Sport Parachuting Center. Bob has been skydiving for more than 43 years; he’s done over 14,300 jumps (more than anyone else in Ontario) and accumulated over 150 hours of freefall time. He does over 200 jumps per year, many of them with beginners. His instructing experience spans more than 40 years during which he’s taught about 5000 first- timers.

Mary Wright did her first skydive in 1994 at Grand Bend. Since then Mary has done more than 4500 skydives and accumulated over 53 hours of freefall time. She is a CSPA-rated Rigger “A”; she maintains and repacks many of the reserve and emergency parachutes used by skydivers and glider/aerobatic pilots in southern Ontario. Mary also holds CSPA Coach 1 and 2 ratings and helps advancing skydivers improve their solo and Formation Skydiving skills.



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70114C Highway 81 (Grand Bend Line) Grand Bend ON NOM 1T0 Canada

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