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Members: To update your directory listing, please send us an email with the changes to info@grandbendchamber.ca. Paper Format: 2022 MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY (PDF).

Hay Communications Co-operative Ltd

Contact: Angela Schneider & Kelli Phillips
Website: hay.net
Work 72863 Blind Line Zurich ON N0M 2T0 CanadaWork 30 Ontario Street North Grand Bend Ontario N0M 1T0 CanadaPhone: 519-236-4333Phone: 519-235-3369Phone: Support: 519-236-4500


Hay Communications is an independent Telecommunications service provider located in Southwestern Ontario that provides phone service to the communities of Grand Bend, Zurich, Dashwood and the surrounding rural and lakeshore residents. Hay also provides services to people and businesses outside of our territory facilities permit.

We Are a Co-operative.

This means we were created to fill a need within our community. We strive daily to meet the needs of our members and provide patronage credits to those members each year on phone service paid for in the previous year. In 2011, the patronage return credit will be 20% of local service spending. The credit is received each year in January.

Hay is rooted in this Community, from our municipally owned beginnings to our co-operative restructuring. We are very knowledgeable of our business environment and emerging economic and social requirements. Within our area we have fulfilled the need for quality telephone, internet, and other telecommunication services. We continually invest in our community and consequently strive to encourage customer loyalty to maintain the quality of service made available.

By our very nature, Hay engages customers in the operations, while also being accountable for decisions to our members. Over many changes and years of growth, this co-operative has become a natural resource of the communities we serve. Supporting us just makes sense.




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72863 Blind Line Zurich ON N0M 2T0 Canada

30 Ontario Street North Grand Bend Ontario N0M 1T0 Canada

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