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The Whole Pig / Van Raay Farms Ltd.

Contact: Martin & Teresa Van Raay
Work 37871 Dashwood Rd. Dashwood ON Work Phone: 519-237-3255Website:


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From our farm to your freezer; this is the Whole Pig experience. We specialize in delivering a variety of high quality pork products directly to your home and supplying you with the tools and recipes to maximize your dining experience.  Just new, you can pick up at the farm and order separate products.  Also we now have fully cooked, ready to serve pulled pork and back ribs. Our pork is home grown at our farm near Dashwood, Ontario. We use the highest quality standards when raising our pork, which is obvious in the end product. Our pigs are fed corn, soybean meal, whey and a supplement which is fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to optimize our pigs' health and nutrition.

Our packages come in a variety of sizes, with the smallest fitting into most fridge freezers. A quarter order gives 2 people, 2 meals a week for 6 months with at least 15 different meal options. (I Have No Idea What to Order Order) includes Roasts, Ribs, Steaks, Sausage, Bacon, Burgers, Pork Tenderloins,  Chops and Hocks and specialty items like Porkerettes, Black Forest Ham, Peameal Bacon and Marinated Pork Chops — you get them all. FYI Porkerettes are awesome 100% Pork Meat Sticks

Remember, it is important to eat a balanced diet daily. Pork is an important part of this. Not only does pork supply you with essential vitamins and minerals- it is a lean source of protein and tastes really, really good.  Pork has been misunderstood for a number of years when it comes to fat content. Did you know pork has 10 cuts that are lower than 6 grams of fat per 100 g serving? Or that Pork contains no trans or hydrogenated fats?

With The Whole Pig you will know how your food is raised, know it is butcher shop quality, and our ground pork, burgers and sausage are gluten free (Ingredients: our pork meat and spices).

Whether you choose the Quarter, Half or Whole Order, we can tailor a package to suit your lifestyle. We deliver and we stand behind our product. A package of our products in your freezer is like having your own personal meat counter available to you anytime. We look forward to serving you.