Name Change

Grand Bend and Area Chamber of Commerce emerged in 1957 from an earlier “Grand Bend Promotion Committee” created in the early 1950s to promote tourism in the area.

After 63 years in operation and 20 years down the road from municipal amalgamation –

  • Is our Chamber name sending the right message?
  • Does it still work for who we are and what we do?
  • Will it continue to work for the next 63 years?

The Board is seeking input from YOU on whether or not we should change the Chamber’s name and if so what possible names to consider.

Why Change A Name?

Google was once known as Back Rub. Yahoo! was originally Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web.  PepsiCola started out as Brad’s Drink (Source: These companies would not have reached the same level of success if they had stuck with their original names.

Things to Consider

1. The new name will be the name of the Chamber as a business organization and will not affect our tourism and visitor services branding!

All tourism related activities use the “It Starts At The Beach” wordmark and the new tourism logo. It Starts At The Beach is the title of the area’s visitor guide, the domain name of the tourist-facing website, embedded in the new logo, used in all tourist-facing advertising and, at some point this year, will be on the Welcome Centre’s signage.

2. The name must be unique and not similar to a known corporation, association, partnership, individual or business.

3. The name must be reflective of the “objects” of the corporation. The “objects” in our Articles of Incorporation (issued October 14, 1975) state:

George Kadlecik, Peter Haist and Donald Southcott, all of the village of Grand Bend, in the County of Lambton, in the Province of Ontario, Managers; constituting them and any others who become members of the Corporation, hereby created a corporation without share capital, under the name of Grand Bend And Area Chamber of Commerce, for the following objects, to promote and improve trade and commerce and the economic, civic and social welfare of the district served by the Corporation; the head office of the Corporation to be situate at the said Village of Grand Bend.

Membership By Numbers

There are 435 businesses in Lambton Shores (Source: Sarnia Lambton Economic Partnership); only 25% of them are our members.

The majority of our 164 members are located in Lambton Shores (69%), with 13% in South Huron, 10% in Bluewater and the remaining 10% in 8 other area municipalities, including Goderich, Sarnia, Petrolia, and Strathroy.

Of the 93 businesses in Grand Bend, two-thirds (66%) are centrally located within the village, however the vast majority of centrally located Grand Bend businesses (84%) are not on Main Street West. Only 9 members are on Main Street West.

Your Opinion Please!